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'Uncomfortable going to 40': Kelowna council concerns over Burtch/Harvey plan

Council favourable, but concerns raised about redevelopment plan

A 40-storey building could be towering over Harvey Avenue as part of a proposed development next to Parkinson Recreation Centre (PRC).

The project is included in the draft Burtch/Harvey Ave. Redevelopment Plan was presented to council on July 8.

While council was mostly favourable to the development, there were several concerns.

Across the street is the tallest building in the area, Landmark 7 at 26 storeys, which is the maximum height permitted in the Capri Centre/Landmark Urban Centre.

Staff told council the developer is seeking 40 storeys under bonus height options. They include contributions to the citysa国际传媒檚 public amenity and streetscape, or housing opportunities reserve funds.

sa国际传媒淚sa国际传媒檓 uncomfortable going to 40,sa国际传媒 said Councillor Gord Lovegrove.

Coun. Charlie Hodge also had an issue with the height and had a pointed message for the developer.

sa国际传媒淵ou have the opportunity here, on an iconic piece of land, to do an eye-opener, world-class development,sa国际传媒 he said.

Coun. Luke Stack urged that the project have sufficient amenities.

sa国际传媒淲hether thatsa国际传媒檚 opportunities for childcare onsite, open space, or connectivity - all the things that make a complete community.sa国际传媒 

He also warned about potential parking reduction requests from the developer. sa国际传媒淭heresa国际传媒檚 no room for a mistake. Yousa国际传媒檙e surrounded by Burtchsa国际传媒.Highway 97 and our city park. Whatever the parking plan is, it better be good.sa国际传媒

A traffic impact analysis is being done by the developer.

Stall told council there are plans for Burtch Rd., including additional lanes, an Active Transportation Corridor, and bus pullouts as part of the new PRC. Bernard Avenue has also been identified for improvements in the citysa国际传媒檚 Transportation Master Plan.

The number of buildings and the lack of green space were brought up several times.

sa国际传媒淚tsa国际传媒檚 too much concrete on that piece of land,sa国际传媒 Coun. Mohini Singh said. sa国际传媒淚 donsa国际传媒檛 want to be rude but theysa国际传媒檙e trying to use every little inch of that lot to build on.sa国际传媒 

She added that's not good for the environment or livability.

The project proposes between 1,600 and 1,700 residential units, approximately 2,000 square metres of office space and 3,000 sq. m of commercial/retail space.

Itsa国际传媒檚 expected to provide market rental, below-market rental and other housing options.

The plan will come back to council at a future date for further consideration.


Gary Barnes

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