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5 home comfort tips and tricks to help keep you cool this summer

Kelownasa国际传媒檚 HVAC experts share how to enjoy a comfortable home without breaking the bank.
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With rising energy costs, finding ways to lower your monthly utility bill is more important than ever. One of the most significant contributors to energy consumption is heating and cooling your home. Fortunately, you can enhance the efficiency of your home comfort system without sacrificing comfort. 

For some practical tips on staying cool, we checked in with the experts at . Better yet, you'll be able to reduce your energy consumption and save money in the process!

Maximize ceiling fan efficiency

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to complement your air conditioning system. They work by moving air across your skin, which helps to dissipate body heat. To get the most out of your ceiling fans during the summer, set them to spin counterclockwise. This creates a cooling breeze, allowing you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher without feeling any difference in comfort.

Block out the sun

Sunlight streaming through windows can significantly increase the temperature inside your home. Investing in insulated curtains is a smart move for year-round energy efficiency. However, even ordinary curtains or blinds can make a big difference. Identify which windows receive the most sunlight throughout the day and keep them covered to prevent your home from heating up like a greenhouse. This simple step can reduce the workload on your air conditioner, saving you energy and money.

Seal your home

While itsa国际传媒檚 common to focus on sealing drafts during the winter, itsa国际传媒檚 equally important in the summer. Use rope caulk or foam strips to close gaps around windows and weather stripping or a sand-filled door snake to seal the space under your doors. By keeping cool air inside, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills.

Regularly change your air filter

After completing your annual air conditioning maintenance in the spring sa国际传媒 an essential step sa国际传媒 you should regularly change your air filter. For most  one-inch filters, this means monthly replacements. A clean air filter ensures that your air conditioner can pull air through efficiently, reducing the energy required to cool your home. This simple maintenance task can have a significant impact on your energy usage.

Promptly address repairs

A well-maintained air conditioner not only runs more efficiently but also experiences less wear and tear. This reduces the frequency of repairs needed over time. However, if you do encounter issues, itsa国际传媒檚 crucial to address them promptly. A struggling air conditioner uses more energy, driving up your electric bill. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective summer.

Providing comprehensive air conditioner maintenance services to ensure reliable performance when you need it. Visit or call 250-258-5713 for more information.



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